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About Us
We are a non profit legal charity that helps families nationwide who have lost a loved one to domestic violence. We prevent killers from financially profiting from murder.

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Our Charitable Mission
The criminal process is not designed to keep killers from financially profiting from murder. Too many killers, even if criminally convicted, are allowed to keep their profits from murder, such as life insurance policies, bank accounts, and other assets. Only the civil system can strip killers of such wrongful financial gain. Our non profit mission is to help families sue the killer in civil court so that the victim’s assets go to the rightful family, and not to the killer as profit for murder.

Our History
Our award winning program has now won over $250 million for victims of crime. We are honored to receive the "Foundation of Justice" award from the Arizona Bar Foundation and the "Distinguished Service Award" from Arizona's Attorney General.

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Download Our Brochure